Throughout our 15-year history, we are committed to commitment; not as a sectoral business definition, but as a promise to our customers, people and the environment. From the schema project to the key we delivered, we felt the responsibility of our customers and the people who would live in the structures we built so our business is based on upgrading our philosophy of doing business. We have served ourselves to answer the expectations of our customers in supplying materials in quality, timely delivery,

Today we are still excited like first day, starting each new project with a high sense of responsibility and focus only on what we give and compete with ourselves. We share progress in the development of the project progressively with our business partners with transparency, we come together with solutions rather than with problems.

Being innovative, loving work loving to combat problems and solve problems; We continue to build our future with expert technical engineers who have developed themselves with engineering science and have adopted the BAGNACON philosophy.

The main services that we provide in the area of commitment of our brand which produces different solutions to your demands are;
Infrastructure Works
rough/fine Constructİon works
Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure constructions
Alteration and Decoration Works
Subcontracting and Contracting Works
Urban transformation
Turn-key Contracting Works.