About 20 years ago, BAGNACON, has a story that goes this way to make academic accumulation with the passion to build,. The rise of buildings, neighboring the sky and staying there, and four walls for those who live in it has always fascinated us. It is obvious that the day is coming when the flames of BAGNACON go on. Bagna stands for the stairs in the Ottoman Empire. There is a spacial interest for stairs in our culture. Rising step by step. There is an inherent movement, and rising, near future.

Here at BAGNACON is an uptrend architecture and vision of future with high standards and different perspective.

It adopts an unconventional perspective on architecture , construction and aims different looks and suggestion.

BAGNACON is a blend of nearly 15 years of sector experience and engineering knowledge. It has extensive experience in every phase and field of building projects. This experiences is still active in every field today. It produces solutions from Preparation of architectural Project, from design to application, from turn-key contracting services to consulting services.

As a brand we believe that understanding of an architect who does not know how to apply, and who does not have experience in the field; and imaginative practitioner who does not know design and aesthetics is far behind the times so we are constructing constructions with a real turn-key mentality.

We are adopting a sharing-based management approach where the technical and creative team is constantly exchanging information. We adopt ourselves as a goal to reach the norms of contemporary structure, to improve itself and to lead change with the expertise of senior, technical and professional competence in the field. BAGNACON is proud to provide valuable services to every customer in the field with reliable, innovative, solution-oriented brand vision.